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Meet Your G3 Partner: Derek

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Derek Uhm is a Senior Associate on the G3 Partners team. He attended high school in Pennsylvania before joining the big leagues at NYU’s Leonard Stern School of Business. Despite notable job experiences under his belt, such as Boston...

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Meet Your G3 Partner: Yeseul

From Incheon to Hapjeong, Yeseul has come not only a long way physically, but also figuratively, to achieving her goals. Though she may seem like just an administrator, Yeseul goes above and beyond the title; from pre-screening applicants to closing invoices to being...

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Meet Your G3 Partner: Chris V

After shining as a star during his internship, Christopher Vassilopoulos, or "Chris V" to us, came on as a full-time associate at G3 Partners, developing into a brilliant PR and marketing specialist. Though he hails from Melbourne, Chris has lived as an expat in north...

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Meet Your G3 Partner: Polina

Polina was born in a tiny city, in a huge forest in Russia. She moved to Korea as a transfer Bachelor student and like thousands of others (myself included) she fell in love with the country. She stayed to complete an MBA and joined G3 Partners in September 2016. As a...

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What’s Your Problem? If You’re a Startup Founder, You’d Better have One

At least half of the founders I’ve talked to answer the question, “What problem do you solve?” by talking about their technologies or their products, rather than the actual problems. Most of these founders set off to do something cool, with a technology that interests them. But they didn’t first take the time to define a real problem. That’s a barrier that will keep these founders from actually making money, thinking creatively, and building the right features for people who need them.

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Maximize Your Media at CES

Every year loads of startups fly off to Vegas to be part of CES. But far too many go without a plan, other than to hang around their booths at Eureka Park. What should startups do to get the most out of CES 2017 or another big trade show? Elli Kim put together a handy guide that outlines the six things that startups must absolutely do in order to maximise their media exposure at CES.

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