Join one of Asia’s first startup-focused Marketing and Communications agencies.

Help provide a full suite of global services for startups expanding overseas.

Work with a team of startup fanatics and tech geeks.

Our Core Values

Professional & Honest

We aim to be highly professional and radically honest in how we interact with our clients. This creates trust and has led to many long-term relationships and referrals.

Autonomy & Responsibility

We believe that employees need a deep sense of responsibility for their work. This means we give our staff autonomy.

Goal Oriented

We care about achieving business goals (for G3 Partners and for our clients) more than we care about creating nice reports.

Fresh Thinking

We think that traditional marketing and PR require a fresh approach and we actively encourage our staff to take risks and seek out innovative approaches on projects.
Who is G3 Partners?
We exist to help startups launch and grow, attract customers, secure investment and build their brands, internationally.
We’ve bootstrapped to a team of twelve and we’re proud to have closed over USD $2 million in business in our first two-and-a-half years. Now we’re expanding to Singapore and we’re looking for interns and full-time staff to join our team (Seoul & Singapore).
We help emerging tech companies expand beyond their domestic borders by boosting their cross-border marketing and PR efforts. We develop and execute campaigns that directly impact their business growth. These projects include (but are not limited to) overhauling the content on a company website, launching a crowdfunding campaign, managing social media accounts or publishing articles in the world’s top tech media.
We take a “No-Bullshit” approach to marketing and PR and our services and pricing are ideal for rapidly growing companies. We always look for creative ways to promote our clients and consistently achieve return on investment that terrifies other agencies.
We’re growing fast. Because of this, you’ll be expected to work quickly and independently and you’ll need to help with other tasks as needed. Some examples are helping to organize events, planning marketing and social media campaigns, writing posts for the G3 Partners Blog, designing crowdfunding pages or planning scripts for product explainer videos.
More About G3 Partners
G3 Partners was founded in January 2015, and since then we’ve grown from a one-man shop to an energetic, results-driven team of experienced professionals. That rapid growth means there are especially good opportunities for promotion within the company. Our office location in Hongdae reflects our energy and creativity – we’re cool, yo! 🙂 Our management team has experience in PR, online marketing, market research and journalism.
We are a highly international team, with members representing the UK, US, France, Russia, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, and Korea. All team members have spent significant time away from their home countries. Founder and CEO Nathan along with Co-Founder and COO Erik, each have more than a decade of professional experience.
Inside the office we primarily speak English, but most of our clients are Korean. Our standard working hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Sometimes we need to spend a few extra hours in the office according to project requirements and sometimes we knock off at 4 p.m. on Friday and grab an ice cold beer by the river. Working moms, working dads, and wannabe parents are welcome to apply.
Benefits & Perks

Competitive Salary

Paid Vacation

Health Insurance

Free Snacks & Drinks

Bonus Opportunities

Cool People

Career Growth

Company Outings

Open Positions
Spring 2019 Marketing Intern
Do you love challenges? Are you passionate about new technologies?  Are you creative?

If so, come join G3 Partners and help us power the growth of Asia’s hottest new names in the technology industry!

About G3 Partners

We exist to help startups launch and grow, attract customers, secure investment and build their brands, internationally. We boost our customer’s digital marketing, accelerate their innovation, kickstart their crowdfunding, launch their new blockchain and many more. We’ve bootstrapped to a team of twelve and we’re proud to have closed over USD $2 million in business in our first three years. We’re expanding and looking for interns to join our team.

About the Job

You’ll need to be flexible and move quickly, often without a defined playbook. That said, our senior team understand that training, support and guidance are required for you to show your potential. Your motivation and results will determine how far you progress, but typically our interns begin leading work on client projects within the first few weeks. This is definitely NOT a coffee and copy internship!

Some things you’ll do at G3 Partners

  • Through in-person and email communication, quickly understand what startups do, why they do it and for whom they do it. Then tell their stories across channels (websites, marketing material, social media, news articles, etc)
  • Based on client needs, develop and execute marketing plans that help startups achieve actual business goals
  • Support blockchain projects (social media, bounty program, blog, PR, etc)
  • Support crowdfunding campaigns (planning, launch, in-campaign marketing & PR)
  • Write press releases and pitch journalists
  • Develop strategy and content for social media
  • Support business development activities for G3 Partners, including developing of project proposals and attending client meetings

What do you need to be successful at G3 Partners?

  • Creative approach to marketing: The results we deliver simply could not be realized by a bureaucratic global agency, congested with reports.
  • Passion for technology and/or startups: We have time to hone your marketing skills, but not to teach you the basics of consumer tech and startups. Passion for one or both of these is a prerequisite for success at G3.
  • Team player: Cultural fit and a can-do attitude are more important than technical skills, which we can teach.
  • Autonomous and a risk-taker: We love challenging the status quo, so we’d rather hear, “I’ve got a crazy idea,” than “this is what they taught me at college.”
  • Expert communicator: Our deliverables are often written (or visual) content, so strong storytelling and design skills are essential and highly important.

A few other requirements

  • Be able to work in Korea (visa sponsorship not offered)
  • Be proficient in English and Korean
  • Available at least for 2 months
  • Working knowledge of local, regional and global tech trends
  • Ability to grasp new concepts quickly and take on challenges
  • Highly organized, and able to work independently
  • Dedicated and results driven

Company Benefits

  • Monthly Internship Salary – ₩ 1.6mil
  • 1 vacation day per month (in addition to public holidays and weekends)
  • 4 Social Insurances
  • Team outings, activities, and networking opportunities
  • Work closely with an experienced, international, and hard-working team (8 nationalities)
  • Unlimited snacks and beverages

How To Apply

Send your English resume and cover letter to Applications will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Cover Letter has to answer two questions:

  • Why are you interested in G3 Partners/What motivated you to apply to G3 Partners?
  • What skills/expertise can you contribute to G3 Partners?

Indicate your visa status in the Resume. Preferred Start Date: March 1, 2019

Both files should be in PDF format, with the name of the files “Intern Full Name_CoverLetter”  and “Intern Full Name_CV” accordingly. Applications that don’t follow these guidelines won’t be considered.

글로벌 마케팅 대행사 재무/회계 담당자

연봉 2,600만원 ~ 3,400 만원


Welcome to G3 Partners!

G3 파트너스는 해외로 진출하고자 하는 국내 및 아시아 지역의 스타트업, 그리고 아시아 시장에 진입하고자 하는 글로벌 스타트업을 위한 Marketing, PR, Growth 서비스를 제공하는 스타트업 전문 글로벌 마케팅 에이전시 입니다.


지난 2015년 설립된 이후, Fintech 부터 IoT, Mobile App, Enterprise software까지 다양한 업종의 고객사들과 협업하며, 약 100여개사가 넘는 고객사 분들게 날개를 달아드리고 있습니다.


영국, 미국, 프랑스, 러시아, 캐나다, 멕시코 등 다양한 국적의 PR, 마케팅 전문가들로 구성된 G3 파트너스는 능동적이고 주도적으로 일하는 업무 방식을 지향합니다. 자라난 환경도, 가치관도, 경험했던 문화도 모두 다르지만, G3 사무실에서는 모두 한 팀의 일원으로 가치 있는 기업문화를 만들어 나갑니다. 장점은 배우고, 부족한 점은 채워줄 수 있는 소중한 팀원분들을 기다립니다.


매년 쑥쑥 성장하고 2019년에는 싱가포르 오피스를 확장하려는 G3 파트너스에서 함께 성장할 당신!을 찾고 있습니다.


모집부문 재무/회계 담당자


담당업무 Finance

  • 매출관리: 세금계산서 및 인보이스 발급, 외상매출금 관리 및 월별 매출 보고
  • 비용관리: 급여, 고정비, 프로젝트 대금 등의 영수증 및 증빙서류 취합
  • 자금관리: 입금/출금 예상 및 비용 집행, 법인카드 관리, 외화 입금/송금 업무
  • 커뮤니케이션: 세무사 사무실과의 커뮤니케이션을 통한 월별 정산 및 부가세 등 신고자료 전달 업무, 당사 임원들과 재무 현황 보고
  • 연간 예산안 및 프로젝트 예산안 수립


  • 연차 및 급여대장 관리
  • 제증명 발급 업무


  • 회사문서 관리 (사업자등록증, 법인등기부등본 등)
  • 계약 및 법무업무 지원


자격요건 연령, 성별, 학력 무관

한국어 능통, 문제없는 영어 커뮤니케이션 가능자 (필수 – 임원분들 및 팀원분들이

외국분이시기 때문에, 학습 영어가 아닌, 일상생활 영어로 사용하시는데 문제 없으셔야 합니다.)

최소 2년 이상 재무/회계 경력 (혹은 1년 재무/회계 경력시, 유사 경력 2년 이상

있을시 지원 가능) 자기주도적이고, 책임감이 뛰어나신분


우대요건 재무/회계 3년-5년 경력 우대

재무/회계 전공자


근무조건 정규직 (수습기간 3개월 적용)

근무요일: 주 5일 (월-금)

근무시간: 10:00am – 7:00pm (9:00am – 6:00pm 가능)

파트타임 지원 가능 (파트타임에서 풀타임으로도 변경 가능)

재택근무시 조절 가능


복리후생 4대보험

업무관련 교육비지원

자유로운 연차/월차 사용

매달 우수 직원 2명 특별 보너스 제공

‘평범함은 거부한다! 특별한’ 추석 및 구정 선물 제공

‘오늘 하루 열일한 당신!’을 위로할 맛있는 맥주로 구성된 생맥기계 구비


G3 에서는 전반적인 회계 및 재무 이슈, 오피스 관리, 인사 업무를 꼼꼼히 살펴주실 분을 찾습니다! 항상 똑같은 일만 반복하여 지치신 분들, 혹은 수직적인 기업문화를 벗어 나고 싶으신 분들은, 주저하지 말고 지원해주세요!


특히 세무 기장 및 부가세,법인세 신고, 급여대장 등의 업무는 전문 세무사 사무실에 의뢰하고 있으므로  실무를 직접 하실 필요는 없으며, 현재 빠르게 성장하고 있는 G3의 재정적 운영 및 계획을 당사의 경영진과 함께 의논하실 수 있는 분을 기다립니다.


해당 분야에 2-3년 정도의 경력을 가지고 계시고, 빠르게 성장하는 글로벌 마케팅 대행사에서 글로벌 역량을 쌓는 것을 희망하시는 당신! 을 기다립니다.

English / Korean Resume, English Cover Letter


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