G3 partners’ client, D Camp, Presents with Love and Swagger: the ‘Geeks From Gangnam’ at SXSW. , a delegation of Korea’s craziest startups and K-Pop bands from Gangnam, in the heart of Seoul. They will be at Brass House (115 San Jacinto St, Austin) on March 17th, 8pm-10pm.

The five startups are:

1. Zikto, health wearable who recently scored $165k on Kickstarter (http://www.zikto.com/)

Zikto, a Seoul-Los Angeles based startup have developed Arki, which is designed to improve walking posture. This is achieved using a wearable device and connected smartphone application that records user’s walking pattern and suggests alterations, to improve posture and overall health.

Zikto’s CEO Ted Kim told us that 80 percent of the population is not walking correctly, which leads to a range of health problems, including back, neck and knee problems. Arki analyzes walking posture and alerts users with a soft vibration, prompting users to make corrections to improve posture. Arki does this through their proprietary machine learning technology and ‘Body Balance Analysis’ feature which can measure how ‘warped’ the wearer’s shoulders, waist and buttocks are. Analysis of data is then used to provide feedback on how to make real-life improvements.

Development of the Arki prototype took the team an entire year, which culminated in a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised in access of $160,000 USD. The team plans to launch the first version of the device and smartphone application in May 2015 and is currently raising funding for their Series A.

2. 500videos, helps small businesses create stunning video marketing (http://www.500videos.com/)

500videos (www.500videos.com), a Korea-based startup, is disrupting the way businesses communicate with the world. Their video creation platform, which is also available as an iOS application, features over 1,000 video templates that allow businesses to create video explainers quickly and cheaply.

But that’s just the start.

While a multitude of solutions already exist for creating video content for businesses, 500videos’ CEO Ho Yang believes that by ‘verifying’ videos an entirely new set of opportunities is presented to businesses, ensuring that their video content is professional and is verified by a reliable source.

“The biggest problem of online platforms is lack of trust, since most online information is generated by users. Customers of 500videos can now create verified videos for their listings at an affordable price,” explained Ho.

3. Chatting Cat, helps people across the world with their English through real time coaching (https://chattingcat.com/)

ChattingCat was founded in 2012 by CEO April Kim to fulfill a need for instant grammar correction for non-native English speakers.

Kim, who grew up in Korea and moved to the US for work, found it challenging to write emails and other documents in English. She hired a tutor to help her improve her written English fluency and sent messages whenever she hit an obstacle in her written English. This is how ChattingCat was born and Kim still uses the service herself.

English is the de facto language for global businesses and ChattingCat aims to help non-native speakers ensure their English is up to a professional standard. To achieve this the company aims to become the number one choice for on-demand English correction. Requests are dealt with by crowdsourcing native speakers from around the world and a payment of $1 per 700 words is made for successfully completed requests.

4. Mindquake, protects your child when using their smartphone through time limits and safe settings (http://mindquake.co/)

Mindquake is an educational technology company developing a mobile adaptive learning and training service for time management and self-control. Self-control, or self-regulation, is a central focus for parents of young children, with smartphone addiction a rapidly growing problem faced by children, who are often online 24 hours a day, on account of increased smartphone proliferation among young children.

Mindquake believes the smart device itself can help solve these issues and their mission is to solve this problem by educating children about time management from a young age.

Nester, an app development studio in Seoul has built ‘Nester’ which delivers a safe and enjoyable smartphone experience for children. Nester also regulates smartphone usage and teaches children self-control.

5. YouAreTheDesigner, allows amateur designers to design their own foot-wear and bring their designs to market (http://www.udesigner.co.kr/)

In recent times there has been a global trend towards customization and allowing customers greater flexibility in designing their lives. You Are The Designer is bringing this flexibility to the footwear industry, enabling customers and amateur designers to design their own creations and bring them to market.

This trend has been fuelled by the explosion online services that specialize in customization, craft marketplaces like Etsy which promote amateur designs, and a dramatic reduction in the cost to bring physical products to market. While customization of virtual products has existed for some time, 3D Printing technology has also enabled far greater customization of a wide range of physical products.

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