For Immediate Release

G3 Partners No Longer Asia’s Startup PR Specialists

(Seoul – Jan. 5, 2017) After two years as “Asia’s Startup PR Specialists”, G3 Partners announced today that that they would henceforth and until further notice be known as “Asia’s Startup Marketing and Communication Experts”. This announcement, possibly the most significant paradigm shift ever trumpeted by a marketing company, coincides with the launch of the new G3 Partners website.

“The old website said we were ‘Asia’s Startup PR Specialists’ and that no longer represented the full and diverse range of ways that we could help startups expand internationally. We did what any sensible company would do: We blew up the old website, and made a new one,” said Erik Cornelius, G3 Partners’s Co-founder and COO.

The company has been experimenting with services beyond Public Relations (PR) for many months, based on client demand, explains the company’s founder and CEO, Nathan Millard:

“Before, when companies asked us to do something like make them a website or run their crowdfunding campaign, I thought sure, we’re great at that, but it isn’t PR! I felt like I was dealing merchandise out of the back of a van. I’m absolutely delighted to make our expanded service offerings official!”

During a rigorous ideation process, the company considered using the tagline Asia’s Startup PR, Crowdfunding, Social Media (including content, strategy and ads), Content (including copywriting and design for websites, brochures and more) and Coaching Specialists, but they quickly realised this absofuckinglutely stupid. As a compromise, the company listed out all of these services on its new website, and also included case studies exemplifying how they have helped startups achieve impressive cross-border growth.

Startups that need a little help to get unstuck from their home markets are encouraged to visit the new G3 Partners website (still at and learn more about Asia’s Startup Marketing and Communication Experts.