Korean startups are creating some of the most innovative consumer products in the world, and making them real through crowdfunding. Our CEO, Nathan, recently wrote about a number of crowdfunded projects from Korea, and the improvements each new campaign has made over the past year.

Today we’re especially proud of YOLK, a G3 Partners client, and the maker of Solar Paper. The company’s founder and lead product designer, Sung-un Chang, appeared in a long segment on CNBC Asia’s Shake it Up, with Paulene Chiou, talking about her innovative product.

You can see the full interview here:

Solar Paper has raised more than $860,000 from more than 5,500 backers, which makes it both the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever to come out of Korea, and also the most successful solar campaign ever on Kickstarter. (The campaign only has six days left, so if you want to back this project, go to their campaign site now!)

Having an interesting product that people really want has been the foundation of YOLK’s success, but it’s certainly been helped along by a few other factors.



solar paper utah

First, has been Sung-un’s personality. She’s warm, genuine, and a natural conversationalist. She’s gone to events, including the recent Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah to put her creation in front of the right people.



Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.18.15 PM  slackgear_yolk

Second is the incredible media coverage that YOLK have earned. They’ve been featured on Tech in Asia, e27, The Daily Mail, Fandroid, Gizmag, Tech Times, SlashGear and over 200 other publications around the world. Some of the coverage has been organic, and some of it, like today’s CNBC segment, has been carefully placed by us at G3.



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Another factor bolstering their success was forming a close working relationship with Kickstarter to learn all the tips an insider secrets. Sung-un has ran a smaller-scale campaign last year, and at G3, we’ve also helped her get the best Kickstarter results possible.


Finally, if you look at the Solar Paper campaign page, it is absolutely polished and professional, yet still has personal touches. G3 worked with the team to capture their passion for the product in words. We’ve also helped manage communication with backers, so that the team at YOLK can focus on delivering an incredible product.


Late on August 14, Solar Paper landed on Mashable too!

On August 20, the final day of its campaign, Solar Paper hit $1,000,000!