After shining as a star during his internship, Christopher Vassilopoulos, or “Chris V” to us, came on as a full-time associate at G3 Partners, developing into a brilliant PR and marketing specialist. Though he hails from Melbourne, Chris has lived as an expat in north Asia for the last five years, working in Beijing and Seoul with companies like Volkswagen and the Korean Government. Chris is in love with Asia and enjoying his life in South Korea. When he is not working closely with clients at G3, he is also building his own brand around the fixed gear bike scene and photography brand in Seoul.

Chris with the rest of the G3 team at K-Startup Grand Challenge 2016 Final Pitch Week

What’s your role at G3 Partners, and when did you join the company?

I joined G3 Partners in May 2016, for a  3-month internship. After literally rocking and becoming the best intern of all times (that’s what my bosses said), I was offered a full-time position as a marketing associate.

Where do you come from originally? How did you end up in Korea?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. Even being far away from the Asian part of the world, I got really interested in this region after my 8-month experience as an exchange student in Beijing, China. Despite the fact that I was living in one of the most populated cities of the planet at that time, all my friends there were from South Korea. That’s how my indomitable interest towards South Korea was generated and made me travel and stay in this incredible country.

During his time in Beijing

Tell me about the coolest project you’ve worked on at G3 Partners?

The coolest project was also the biggest we’ve worked on: the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2016. It was an interesting experience for me because Grand Challenge itself consisted of many small projects and challenges – not like other client’s campaigns we’ve worked on. And it was definitely a fun time to attend all those networking events!

What’s the one thing that you wish every startup knew or understood about marketing?

Every startup should understand and admit the fact that nobody cares about the idea as much as they do in the beginning. Just because you created this product and are the team most closely working with it, means you have the least objective perception. So founders need to understand that if they care about their product, other people do not care about it until they will discover a reason to like it.

If you could work on a project for any company, what company would it be and why?

GoPro seems to be the dream company for me to work or partner with. One out of many hobbies that I have is video editing, so working on video creation for GoPro seems to be my ideal work spot.

You free a marketing genie from a magic lamp and can make three marketing-related wishes. What are they?

  1. At least 10,000 people see anything I post;
  2. I always have time to make high-quality content;
  3. I have a good team to make the marketing content with.

Do you want to start your own company one day? Tell me about that company.

Actually, I have already created my own brand – a small fixed gear biking company. The main reason to start it was a desire to check whether I am able to deal with this kind of thing and handle it well on my own. It worked out that I am a very talented entrepreneur (*sarcasm*) – my business is doing quite well in Korea and now I am expanding to Japan and Hong Kong. My company’s Instagram account is also quite successful with more than 4k followers!

What are you really into, outside of work?

Definitely cycling (there were days when I was cycling from my home in Gangnam to the office in Hongdae or Pangyo), video editing and learning languages.

Where do you go to get away from everything? (Best vacation spot.) 

Han river is one of the best places in Seoul to escape from everyday routine and enjoy some chilling time.You can find me there with my bicycle as soon as cold winter days are over  Regarding vacation spot – I am planning to travel to Northern Japan and Germany in the nearest future.  

What’s your favorite app and why?

Relay for Reddit – the app that I use the most (like many of us).

Did G3 Partners change any of your work habits?

Definitely yes. It was lots of independent work (which is unusual for Korea). It’s also nice to use and implement your own ideas.

If you were stranded on a desert Island what would you take from the office and why?

Keggie! I can sleep inside, it will protect me from the wild animal and I can have beer all day long!

What’s your best memory from your time at G3 Partners?

I loved going around Pangyo and record interview during the first week of K-Startup Grand challenge. It was an interesting and fun experience.

How would you like to be described in an introduction to a client?

“Hello, this is Chris – the best marketer in the world”