Polina was born in a tiny city, in a huge forest in Russia. She moved to Korea as a transfer Bachelor student and like thousands of others (myself included) she fell in love with the country. She stayed to complete an MBA and joined G3 Partners in September 2016. As a design-focused marketer, she’s usually busy developing visual marketing materials for clients. The rest of her time she’s on social media, keeping up with the latest trends and marketing strategies – “That’s important for my job :)”, she says.

This is how most of Polina’s days at work look like. Design work for one of our clients.


Why did you choose G3 Partners?

I wanted to work at an agency, rather than getting ‘stuck’ with one project doing in-house marketing. My work at G3 is mostly project-based, so it’s really interesting and gives me the chance to develop my skills and networks much more quickly. I was impressed by the job description at G3 and decided to apply. It was precise, well written and I got a real impression of the company culture. I was impressed by that.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on at G3 Partners?

Through Grand Challenge last summer I was able to work with really diverse startups from all over the world. It was also my first big project at G3, so that was a special one for me.

With her nice co-workers Chris and Guillaume at one of DEV Korea networking events.

What’s your favourite startup?

Source: Memebox US

Memebox! Korea has become the center of the cosmetics world. Memebox capitalised on a rising tide at the perfect time. They developed a powerful brand in Korea, then effectively exported both their business model and products from their home market. It’s a really inspiring story and one that I’m personally interested in.

What should all startups know about marketing?

Marketing is not about satisfying your ego. It’s about effectively conveying the message of your brand or product to customers. For startups that really requires thinking outside the box. Doing things like they’ve always been done in your home market is not going to be successful in new markets.

If you could work for any company, which one and why?

Apple! Beyond marketing, Apple has a powerful brand philosophy that operates in perfect harmony with the way they create products – that’s beautiful. Their products are great, but I believe their success comes from how they present themselves to the world.

What do you do outside work?

Since living in a big city, I really enjoy getting out of Seoul. I like to explore nature as often as possible. I’m also reading all the time, about all sorts of things. My favourite book from the last three months was Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough.

One of Polina’s “escapes” to Yang Yang, Korean East Cost.

What’s your favourite app and why?

Instagram. It’s the most effective way of staying updated on almost anything. It’s also great for checking information about products and places.

Polina is also an admin of the official G3 Instagram page. Don’t forget to follow us!

Has working at G3 Partners changed any of your work habits?

I really enjoy coming to work (almost) every day. I enjoy the process, the people and the atmosphere. I’m not restricted to the way my manager thinks it should be done. Because I’ve got more autonomy, it’s made me more confident and more creative. G3 is surprisingly open – you can ask anyone in the office anything at any time. It means we constantly get internal feedback and that definitely improves our results.

What’s your best memory from G3 Partners so far?

Before I even started working I was invited to join the team at a startup networking event G3 organised. I was really impressed that everyone, from senior members to interns, was really friendly and outgoing even before they got to know me. It really made a great first impression.

First catch up with the new team (Here with Nathan – G3 Partners CEO).

How would describe yourself in one sentence?

“There is nothing better in the world than the view from my parents’ house window”.

I probably look like the average Russian – cold and mean. Scratch the surface and I’m actually bubbly and fun-loving.