$1000 One-day Marketing Upgrade

In our one-day marketing upgrade, we review your needs, create an upgraded marketing plan, and give you practical support to put your marketing plan into action.

Free 90 Minute Startup Marketing Webinar

G3 Partners will host a 90 Minute Startup Marketing Webinar. We’ll give you helpful tips on startup marketing, with a focus on expansion beyond your home market. No commitment required!

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Before you Start

You must have an active startup or a concept for a startup. Send us your existing marketing materials, pitch decks or other collateral so we can do our homework and make real progress in our first discussion with you.

$1000 One-Day Marketing Upgrade

  • Are you considering expanding into new markets in 2017, but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Are language barriers preventing you from achieving success in new markets?
  • In our one-day marketing upgrade, we review your needs and create an upgraded marketing plan.
  • We also give you practical support to put your marketing plan into action.

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Hour 1: We Do Our Homework

We review your company’s materials and make a list of questions.

Hour 2: Getting to Know your Needs Phone Call

In-depth interview to get to know your company and your needs.

Hour 3-4: Develop Marketing Plan

We work to create an upgraded marketing plan that’s specifically tailored for your needs, and can be implemented immediately.

Hour 5: Follow-up Phone Call

Follow-up call to explain our plan and make sure you fully understand how to use it.

Hour 6-8: We Work for You

We get our hands dirty and put three hours into practical support, crafting messages, creating social media content, rewriting your website, drafting a marketing brochure, or even helping you find customers.

Areas  Where We Can Help


Customer identification in new markets including customer discovery and targeting

Specific market insights for Asia or the United States
How to build marketing into your product
Personalised new market entry approach, including a practical plan on how to get started.
Investor pitch deck upgrade and investor outreach strategy
Using public relations to help you achieve real business goals
English-language content upgrade for your website, social media, brochures and more
B2B or B2C business development planning
Social media 101: Strategy, content, ads and analytics

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