A chance to pitch your startup and win a free trip to Geneva to pitch for $500,000? Ladies and Gents, Seedstars World Seoul is back – and they’re taking applications.

Yes, the Swiss-based organization has once again brought their merry team of two (Katarina and Nick) to host another night of pitches, startups, and networking! For those of you who participated in Seedstars last year, you know it was an awesome experience (read about it here!).

In brief, Seedstars holds pitch competitions for early-stage startups all across the world, gathering regional winners before crowning a global winner in Geneva at their main event.

Packed with startups, journalists, VCs, accelerators, and government representatives, the Seedstars World event at Seoul was one of the best startup events in 2015.



So this is the 4th time Seedstars will be holding an event in Seoul. In their first year, Korean startup, Flitto, claimed the top prize at Geneva. Since then, notable winners include Eggbun Education, the first Korean startup accepted into MaGIC, and KPOP UNITED, a finalist at the Geneva event.

Typically, the event includes pitch training before the main day. Pitch coaching experts from both Seedstars and G3 Partners will sit down with you to run through your pitch and provide feedback on what you can do to ‘wow!’ the judges on the big day.

What to expect?


So what can you expect at this year’s event?

  • 8 of Seoul’s hottest early-stage startups pitching
  • 4 representatives from some of the most famous accelerators in Korea including Sparklabs, SHIFT., DEV, and ActnerLabs
  • Government representatives from all over the world
  • Investors and VCs
  • Networking opportunities
  • And more!

What Kind of startups will be pitching?

Here are the criteria for the startups pitching:

  • Maximum 2 years since the founding date
  • No more than $500,000 in funding
  • Most have a minimal viable product (MVP)!

The pitches will be timed for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

Got any pitching tips?

I got you, courtesy of last year’s winner, Fernando Moon of Eggbun Education

Your pitch was one of the livelier and entertaining pitches of the night! Can you describe some of the preparation you went through? I ended up Googling “best startup pitch video in the world” and watched close to 200 videos of various pitches. Supplemented by the fantastic pitching sessions held by Seedstars and G3 Partners (shoutout to Katarina and Karen!), I was able to deliver my pitch.

At the end of the day though, it’s always a challenge I’m sure many startup founders can relate, but in an ideal situation I wish I had 30 minutes so I could go through everything (laughs).

Where do I sign up?

Glad you asked. Here’s the info:

Want to pitch (check criteria above)? Click here.

Want to watch and network? Click here.

Want to talk? Contact us at: seedstars@g3partners.asia