Monday marked the official kick-off of NIPA’s K-Global Startup Engine, a program sponsored by the Korean government to help 40 local startups enter eight international accelerators. We’ll bring you exclusive insights from the program as well as notes from some of the sessions, so keep an eye out for updates!

Welcome to the elevator pitch session!

Welcome to the elevator pitch session!

The startups will participate in a number of sessions and workshops as part of a month-long pre-acceleration program designed to help build their businesses and prepare their pitches. This will conclude with back-to-back Survivor-style demo days, where accelerators will choose startups to accept into their program.

The startups went through a screening process involving both mentors and accelerators participating in the program. Some of the notable accelerators involved in the program include Techstars, 500 Startups, The Alchemist Accelerator, Seedcamp, Startup Bootcamp, Chinaccelerator, Open Network Lab, and Hax Accelerator.

CEO Nathan Millard going through a pitch.

Nathan going through an elevator pitch on YouTube.

Our involvement in the project includes mentorship sessions, providing PR for the program itself, and PR for the startups that are accepted by accelerators. Our CEO, Nathan Millard, will be spearheading mentoring sessions focusing on startup PR and communications, along with some help from our co-founder Erik Cornelius. By the end of the sessions, the startups will be familiar with tools and methods needed to communicate their startups to the world.

The program is run in conjunction with DEV Korea and Accelerate Korea who will be supplementing the program with different aspects for startup success.

G3’s CEO and resident presentation guru, Nathan Millard, gave a brief introduction to the startups and answered a couple of key questions.

On how Korea stacks up against international startup scenes:

“While Korea may not rank as high as the same stage of startups in SV, I don’t think there is another country that has the advantages Korea has.”

Some of those advantages Nathan touched on include facets such as government support, global recognition of expertise and potential, and a highly active startup scene.

On what G3 Partners can offer Korean startups:

“We find that while Korea has some of the world’s most innovative startups, communication and marketing is still a work-in-progress. I founded G3 Partners to address this and we are seeing strides from startups every day.”

With the program underway, we expect a very exciting time as we help the 40 startups communicate the G3 way. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting updates and material from the sessions to help your startup communicate better!