Most startups (and most companies) know how to set business goals like

  • Complete our MVP by July 1.
  • Get our first 1,000 users by the end of Q2.
  • Make $10,000 in revenue from our app in May.


And they use a variety of tactics to achieve those goals, like paid advertising, email marketing to make a product more sticky, and engineering for viral growth.


Very often overlooked is how PR and communication can (and should) actually support business goals.

On Wednesday, my co-founder Nathan and I delivered a PR workshop to startups who are part of Orange Fab Asia, where we covered practical and effective startup PR in depth. We also recorded the whole session so you can use it too.

The presentation includes a step-by-step methodology for setting your own PR strategy, along with relevant case studies. You can download a free workbook we made to go along with the presentation, so the process is easy to follow.

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