Have you ever seen a clueless wanderer at a conference or exhibition? Someone who’s overly excited, eager to explain everything in 5 minutes? Or, someone slightly in panic who can’t literally leave the wall?

If the person who popped in your mind makes you laugh, please stop. You’ve been there, I’ve been there, everyone has been there. If not, you WILL be.

There’s nothing wrong with going to marvel at the sights at an event — something like tomorrow’s Start-Up Seoul: Tech Rise 2019 event (where we’ll be part of the judging panel). But when you’re there with a purpose — it’s a whole different ball game. So, for a successful conference debut, what exactly should you do?

Behold, the rookie’s guide to the startup conference! 

The Ingredients for a Home Run

For many of the startups, securing investment would be a key reason for their presence at the event. As such many startups prepare to impress at the event. Everything from hardware to props and in some cases, costumes!

Even though there aren’t any absolute rules for what works and what doesn’t, I hope the guide can help you understand what you need or how you can be better.

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1. Having an elevator pitch down

You won’t believe how many people answer poorly to the most important, simplest question: Tell me about your startup. The point that is missed surprisingly so often is that you have to really deliver the product’s value.

For example, some startups respond by going into what seemed like the problem and solution slides of their investor pitch. While knowing what problem your startup solves is pivotal, it doesn’t require you to extend what should be a 30 second pitch (at best) into a 5 minute trek that’s going to lose attention rather than heighten it.

2. Access to your props/explainers

You’ll easily come across some startups where between the 3 or 4 people on staff at the event, there is only 1 product or a tablet shared around between them. 

To get the maximum exposure, I highly recommend that you borrow or acquire those props for each member of staff you have at the event. If possible, bring a monitor to display a live demo or a promotional video to keep the visitors entertained.

There is nothing more awkward than waiting for a prop to be passed while you’re trying to grab the attention of a potential investor!

If you’re looking for IR experts, check out our Marketing & Growth Services!

3. Board copy

Catchy, well written descriptions are make or break for turning the crowd’s head. If I were an investor with just an hour to cover the entire room, those 3 or 4 sentences are likely to determine whether I stop to talk to startups or just walk past them. 

If you have spare budget and time, prepare a brochure with all the relevant information or a banner to place in your booth. While the hardware or more visual software can, to some extent, get away with a crappy description, it’s not advised.

If you felt like a rookie the last time walking around the exhibit; you can be a steady vet this time. Just remember, only action brings results! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support for your next conference appearance.

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