No matter how good your product is, your startup will find it difficult to survive without marketing. You need to build your brand’s image and drive your messaging. We’ve already covered how to master content marketing; now, we’ll be discussing specific tactics that you should consider putting into practice.

Send Emails

You may think it sounds outdated, but email marketing is an essential strategy for attracting customers to your startup for little or no cost.

To take advantage of this marketing strategy, you need an email list to pull from! We highly recommend creating a landing page with a CTA to collect email addresses.

When it comes to actually writing your emails, keep them diverse and include non-commercial content like guides, how-to articles, videos and infographics as well as professional info on your company. If you only send advertorial emails, subscribers will probably opt out of receiving your newsletter because… it’s going to be boring!

Establish + Engage on Social Media

We won’t be the first ones to tell you that you need to establish your company on various social media platforms that your target audience is active on, and we won’t be the last either.

Social is perfect for startups because it’s a place where each company can interact with their own devoted circle and get intimate, immediate feedback.

Use your social channels to differentiate yourself from competitors and develop thought leadership credibility.

Remember that social media is a content monster. To succeed on social, you’ll need to continually feed it concise, valuable, insightful information. The rules for social aren’t set in stone and as soon as you land on a strategy that works for you– keep it, but stay flexible!

Check out our article on 10 digital marketing tools to figure out how best to put together and then analyze your social media outreach.

Consider Starting with an Exclusive Beta or Offering Freebies

It’s a part of human nature: We want what we can’t have. By using a beta when you open your startup to new users, you can create a sense of exclusivity around your product and get raving fans to sign up first.

This tactic helps startups lock-in their first users. Here are some big name companies this strategy worked for: Slack, Paypal, Pinterest and in Korea, Viva Republica, Toss, and Tada!

Forbes, writing on Viva Republica’s Unicorn aspirations had this to say about the tactic, “Viva Republica can’t compete on marketing budgets with Korea’s corporate behemoths, but Toss has held its own through word of mouth. Its strong user loyalty has helped it maintain four times the transaction volume of its peers, according to the company.”

Attend, organize, and volunteer at events

People like doing business in person. Simply because it’s much easier to determine trustworthiness IRL. Making a deal in person, or getting one started is a lot easier face to face too.

The founders of Hakka Labs took this approach in their early days and it paid off handsomely.

Hakka connected to their base by attending local meetups to find out more about what the engineering community was interested in. Hakka started recording audio and posting it online which attracted more members. Eventually the recording became so popular they started their own meetup group. Before long, they’d built an entire conference for the same communities they were reaching. This early traction then helped them pick up a $500k angel (after bootstrapping this entire time).

If you’re preparing for a big pitch and need some help with the script and presentation, get in touch with us at G3 Partners.

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