Today it’s easier than ever to launch a website or app. Platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix mean that just about anyone can create a professional looking website from a template. And by outsourcing coding to India or Indonesia, companies can get a mobile app onto the iTunes App Store or Google Play for about the same cost as as a month’s rent in Silicon Valley.

Low-cost, self-serve development may seem democratizing, giving startups the same opportunities as big companies. But it has a hidden cost: Making development cheap means that many companies don’t put enough thought into how websites and apps actually work. Often they forget the crucial elements of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

At G3 Partners we’ve helped dozens of startups improve their website copy and SEO since 2015. Based on our experience, these are some of the most important design considerations that are often poorly executed by startups and growth stage technology businesses.


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Great Design Is A Necessity

According to research from Adobe there’s a direct correlation between quality of design and trust. 94% of visitors stopped trusting websites with sub-par design.

Yes, design trends change and that means you need to keep up. If you’ve not overhauled your website for over a year, then you’re probably using best practices from last year, while your competitors are capturing your leads with a fresh design.

Who is my customer and what do they want?

Great UX design creates customer engagements that drive revenue. That means thinking first about who will visit your website or use your app, and what they want. Once you’ve clearly defined both of those points, you can optimize the experience to result in better outcomes.

One study estimates that a great user experience can boost conversion rates by an incredible 400%.

Remove obstacles to conversion.

You’ve developed a technology that has the potential to change the lives of millions. To turn that potential into revenue, your customers need to be able to easily navigate your website, moving seamlessly through your sales funnel.

Similarly, the first interactions with your mobile application must be intuitive and simple. Each step in your app sign-up process is a potential barrier to adoption and could result in slower growth. Small incremental improvements over time, based on user feedback, can make a big difference.


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You need to be responsive.

Around 67% of the world’s inhabitants already own a smartphone and that number is increasing. By 2020 around 6.1 billion people will own a mobile device. Many of them will not have owned a PC. That means your website must be compatible with a range of devices, including PC, Mobile and tablet.

Need to test if your website is compatible with mobile? Just plug it into this handy, free tool from Google.

Beyond being more user friendly, responsive design can help you improve your site’s Google search rankings and boost organic traffic. Given that over 95% of mobile search traffic is driven by Google, keeping tabs on what works on the search giant is well worth it.

Give ’Em What they Want!

The ‘About’ page on your website is likely to be your most viewed page. 80% of website visitors want to find out about your products/services and your team when they visit your site.

Explaining what you do with compelling text used to be enough, but to stand out in 2019 you need to use graphics, images and think carefully about layout to maximise visitors’ experience of your brand and ensure that your funnel is optimised to convert leads.


If you’re looking for Design experts, check out our Marketing Services!


Make It Easy To Love You

Almost 40% of users will leave if they can’t easily navigate your digital product. If potential clients can’t find what they want on your site they’ll likely end up doing business with your competitor. Many websites perform poorly due to lack of thought in simple areas such as information architecture, design and layout.

It’s the same for mobile apps. Recently our design team overhauled a mobile app — a mobile-based cryptocurrency wallet. We reduced the steps to sign-up from 9 steps to 5 (including the KYC process), removed duplicated and unclear commands and ensured that the on-boarding experience was both streamlined and intuitive.

You Hooked ’Em, Now Reel ’Em In

Around 70% of small business websites fail to display a clear call-to-action. Boosting site traffic is great, but if you don’t make it easy for visitors to take an action (like ask for a service quote or sign up for a newsletter) your site isn’t doing it’s job. Some simple content and design basics can easily rectify poor conversion rates.

If you need design advice, or a full revamp of your website or mobile app, the design team at G3 Partners is here to help. Give us a shout, we’ll be happy to tell you about our FREE design assessment.

Thanks to the folks at mytechnology for many of the stats in this post.

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