As a startup, you have to face what most dread to do — delivering a presentation. Though not just any kind…an investor pitch to be more exact. While we’ve already touched upon delivering a perfect pitch, I wanted to dive deeper into the investor deck, and how you can organize it to receive attention and attract investment. 

At G3 Partners we’ve worked with dozens of startups, helping them build a compelling investor deck and guiding them towards building an investment strategy for success. We’ve also worked with some of Asia’s top investors to put together ten essentials that your investor deck must have – executives at Golden Gate Ventures, Softbank Ventures, 500 Startups, CyberAgent Ventures & Rakuten Ventures have all contributed in some way.


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At a time when raising investment is likely to become even more difficult, including these ten slides in your deck will definitely increase your chances of hitting your investment goals. While the flow of your deck may differ a little from the below, following this format will certainly set you on the right track. 

1. Problem: Pitch an obvious and applicable problem that is ideally faced by a large segment of society. The bigger, the better. The problem must be something relatable, preferably with a story that is engaging. 

2. Solution: Communicate your solution to this problem using familiar concepts, originality, and value. Here talk more in terms of the value proposition, rather than the technology that powers it. Consider taking the crowd through the customer journey of using your service.

3. Market: Prove that a profitable market exists for your solution. It’s also important to prove that the market is ready for your solution now. Simply put, is there anyone who would willingly buy your product? You need to be realistic, honest and thorough here, and specifying your target customers is much more convincing.

4. Competitors: What can you do that others cannot? If you don’t have any direct competition, what other companies currently serve your target market and which pose a threat in the future? Tell us about your secret sauce!

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5. Technology: What makes your technology special and why is it primed for immediate success? Here you can talk about the nuts and bolts behind your solution. Also, it’s a good time to demonstrate how you will protect your tech from copy-cats, such as through IP protection.

6. Business model: How do you plan to make money? This is vital as you will need to prove that your startup has the potential to provide at least 10X returns to your investors. Be specific about your revenue model, but keep it simple. Remember, you are running a business, not an NGO, not a team project.

7. Marketing and Sales: How are you going to get exposure and reach your target customers? Relying on existing contacts or saying you’ll ‘use viral marketing’ and ‘Facebook ads’ isn’t enough. It’s also important to demonstrate that you have an effective and cost efficient plan to scale rapidly. If you have already started putting your plans into practice, illustrate how well it is going and how to improve.

8. Achievements: What have you achieved so far and what are you trying to achieve going forward? Your business and technological milestones are credible indicators of what you could achieve with additional resources.

If you’re looking for IR / pitch experts, check out our Growth Services!

9. Team: Why is your team the right team to execute on this opportunity now? Market opportunities come and go, but a great team will be able to weather storms and adapt to changing circumstances. Briefly explain what each of your key people bring to the table, but keep it no more than 4 people.

10. Call to Action: So, what do you want the investors to do next? How can they contribute to your startup exactly? If you’re asking for money, say how much and explain how you intend to use the funding to achieve results over a given period of time.

Keep in mind the most important goal — don’t let them walk away! You’d be thinking by now, ‘easier said than done!’ That’s why you need to practice, practice, practice. I hate cliches as much as you do, but practice does make perfect. Should you have all 10 slides prepared, it’s time to bring light to your long-hidden showmanship. Be confident, be simple, be realistic, and most of all, be attractive.

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