In an ever-growing cluttered media space, it is difficult for startups to secure an article, or even a mere mention. With newsworthy announcements occurring only a few times a year, startups are left in the shadows for most of the time. Or so is the assumption. Startups actually have plenty of opportunities to get their name in the news. How? The answer is in thought leadership.

Everyday, journalists are bombarded with tons of press releases and pitches, which are oftentimes not relevant to current times. Constantly pestering reporters with non-news won’t help your cause, and will most likely end in the junk folder. 

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The easiest way to determine whether your news is worthy or not is to ask yourself, “Will anyone outside of my company care about this and want to read about it?” 

Startups have a wealth of ideas — expert knowledge, fresh perspectives and great stories — that can be leveraged to help reporters’ write articles. So, how do you get coverage?

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to do just that and more. 

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