2020 continues to challenge businesses and individuals around the world. G3 Partners is no exception. But thanks to rapid adjustments – including a short period of reduced working hours – we’re approaching H2 2020 with confidence.

What we’ve learned:

During a period of remote work (around 3 months), we doubled down on internal communication and managed to maintain productivity and consistency with projects.

We’ve adopted new ways of organizing projects that has helped improve efficiency.

We’ve dramatically cut down on client meetings, meaning we can dedicate more time to deliverables, thereby boosting results. 

It’s a testament to our strong team players that we were able to come through the worst of what coronavirus threw our way and emerge without too many battle scars.


1. Perseus at CES

We kicked off the year strong, traveling to CES in Las Vegas, with Hypervisor technology developer Perseus. They are one of our longest-term clients. Nathan, our CEO was also appointed to their Advisory Board around a year ago client since late 2018 and where our CEO Nathan has held an Advisory role for a year. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the global event once again exceeded expectations. The four-day show featured futuristic and occasionally bizarre gadgets and concepts, which were reviewed enthusiastically by tech media through live updates and special features.

Nathan said about his time at CES:

“My first time at CES was all that could be expected, and more. More than any other conference that I’ve attended, it was a chance to glimpse the future of technology and how it will impact our lives in the future. I feel very privileged to have squeezed this one in, before Coronavirus shut down the airways and feel very sorry for the many events that have had to adjust to difficult circumstances this year.”

2. Startup Ecosystem Reports – FREE Download Below

We published four reports during a project with Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). They showcase four industries that have seen rapid and sustained growth in recent years. Industries covered include Fintech, E-Commerce, Biotech and Artificial Intelligence. 

What you’ll find:

  • Industry snapshot, including historic background and reasons for recent growth
  • Profiles for ~20 noteworthy startups from each industry
  • Exclusive interviews with leaders in each industry, including unicorns like Toss, Baemin and Aprogen  

Want to learn more? Download the free reports here on our website.

Conducting research for and writing the last two reports for this series was Pratibha’s first major project as an intern at G3. About her experience working on the project, she said: 

“Though I lacked confidence when I first dove into it, close guidance and continuous feedback from my colleagues helped me to quickly adapt and support the team in completing the project. It was a valuable experience as I felt a huge responsibility to do good work but received commensurately strong support from my teammates.” 

3. Our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic

In February, Daegu city in South Korea was designated a “special management zone” as COVID-19 cases soared rapidly in the city, recording 833 positive cases in the span of five days. The country responded to the pandemic quickly by putting its rigorous and widely successful track, test and treat strategy into action. Controlling the virus was also possible because people in South Korea willingly followed government guidelines on social distancing and adopted necessary precautions such as wearing masks in public. Although Daegu was the site for 80 percent of COVID-19 cases a few months ago and cases in Seoul also steadily increased, as of today Daegu has about 53 percent and Seoul around 10 percent of the total cases in the country. Careful management by the Korean government and incredible work by Korean doctors and nurses, local pharma and biotech industries and cooperation from people living in South Korea continues to keep the pandemic in control in South Korea.

Like every other company, G3 also faced challenges, as direct impacts of the global health crisis. When the pandemic hit South Korea, we lost $50,000 within a month due to project cancellations and had to make salary cuts to continue operations. Also, communication policies transformed for companies globally concerning both internal and clients matters.

We tackled these difficulties by focusing our efforts on securing projects offered by the government, who was also actively developing and locating new avenues to support South Korean startups. We also started working remote and limiting in-person interactions with the team and clients and adapting to this new workflow quickly. 

Taking time to think about what solution works best for everyone and honestly communicating our thoughts with each other were two of the biggest reasons why we have stayed highly productive and supportive of each other as we deal with the virus. We continue to pay close attention to South Korea’s guidelines for combating the virus and are working remotely most days of the week. 

4. The Iconist blog is now an ICON Public Representative

In April, The Iconist became an ICON Public Representative (P-Rep). ICON is one of South Korea’s largest and most internationally recognized decentralized blockchain networks. A news website managed by G3 Partners,  The Iconist covers the most important developments in South Korea’s blockchain industry, focusing in particular on the activities of blockchain company ICONLOOP and its partners.

Visit The Iconist to find out more about our P-Rep campaign and get the latest ICON and blockchain news. You can also sign up for weekly newsletters from The Iconist at the website.

5. Seoul VC Connect

Seoul VC Connect is a new program that G3 Partners launched with Seoul Metropolitan Government and Invest Seoul Center early last month. As its name suggests, the program connects promising startups in Seoul with international investors. We help companies develop winning global investment strategies and provide investment decks that help them make their mark in the global market.

The first batch in the program focuses on Biotech startups, while the second batch supports ICT startups. Batch One applications are now closed, but be the first to get news about Batch Two applications by following us on social media.

6. SK Networks

SK Networks is a subsidiary of SK Group, which is South Korea’s third-largest conglomerate. We are excited to work with SK Networks and its startup team in launching Phone Toaster on Kickstarter. Phone Toaster is the company’s latest product for its April Stone brand line. Phone Toaster is an elegant multi-feature device that not only wirelessly charges your phone but also kills 99.9% of the germs found on its surface. Phone Toaster also includes a bluetooth speaker function, an alarm clock, and an external USB port.


With tighter deadlines from several new projects, it would have been very difficult to accomplish all we have recently without the support of these new additions to our team.

Heejeong joined our team back in August 2019 as an intern, she recently became a full-time employee. She has played a key role in managing communications with Korean clients and helping us develop marketing strategies for our Korean projects. In her short time as an intern, Heejeong showed great interest and initiative in G3 projects, even taking on the role of project manager in some.

Pratibha joined G3 as an intern in December 2019. Having completed her six-month internship, she is now a full-time employee. During her time as an intern, Pratibha supported G3  by taking on research and strategy projects and helping manage G3’s social media. Despite being fresh to the field of marketing, she has been quick to adapt and a great addition to the team.

Peter joined G3 Partners as a Project Manager in April and is based in Singapore. Bringing his experience in project management, strategy development and consultancy, Peter has been an invaluable asset to the team. Peter is currently overseeing project development and handling communications for Seoul VC Connect and our project with SK Networks.

Jenny is our newest member, joining G3 as an intern in late April. She has been a fantastic team player and is already working closely on major projects for G3. Jenny has shown stellar work in several areas such as design, content creation, planning and even film and photography. Keep an eye out for a special post by Jenny where she shares her experience as an intern at G3!

Though it has been a tough couple of months for G3, we are proud to look back on all that we have achieved by transforming our business strategy to best reflect the interests of our clients and our team. We were able to creatively and efficiently produce work that helped our clients reach their target goals and maximize their business value. 

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