Kamibot is a papercraft robot that makes programming education for kids fun and affordable.


Content Development


PR & Video Creation

When Kamibot’s co-founders came to us, everything was on the line. They had already run a campaign on Indiegogo that raised just $5,000, failing to meet its minimum goal.


The new campaign raised more than $55,000, an 11x improvement over their initial campaign.


We immediately diagnosed the issues with their first campaign: Their video started too slowly and didn’t show the product’s biggest benefit, it’s ability to teach kids how to code, until halfway through. The text on their campaign page was likewise uninspiring, and media barely noticed them. Our solution was to start over from scratch, focusing on the media-friendly angle of teaching kids to code, rather than just positioning Kamibot as a papercraft toy. We created a brand new campaign page on Kickstarter, produced a fast-paced video with our friends from Core-A Studios, and placed them in articles in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

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