Looxid Labs

When you’re creating a completely new technology, you also have to create the market. Looxid Labs are developing an incredible computer-brain interface that will one day allow you to control your digital devices using just your eyes and the power of your mind.


Pitch Coaching


Video Creation

When Looxid first approached us, they were planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign. That plan changed, but we were able to pivot the work we’d already done to match their new goals.


Based on our work together, Looxid has been able to raise investment, secure interviews with the AFP and Reuters newswires, and eventually be named one of the most promising technologies at CES.


To highlight the potential of the technology for investors, media and for a possible crowdfunding campaign, we partnered with Core-A studios and created a video that brought several potential use cases to life. When the company prepared to go to CES, a flashy video wasn’t enough. We helped them develop press materials, media pitch angles, and a media pack filled with contact info for pre-screened reporters who would be attending the trade show.