Retrica was the heart of the “selfie” frenzy in 2014 and has since grown to be one of the largest social networks in the world. Retrica sports a powerful discover mode and an almost unlimited range of stickers, filters and photo effects that encourage its 350M+ fans to take over 80M photos a day.


Content Development

Digital Marketing


Retrica was set to launch their ‘Discover’ mode and a completely refreshed user experience. The team needed some good press, and to make sure that their existing users weren’t confused or blindsided by Discover. Above all they had to get old users to try the app out again and see what Discover had to offer.


We were able to greatly increase Retrica’s organic reach on Facebook and compile user feedback for the team. We also produced a series of blog posts that populated Retrica’s new homepage and filled in what it’s like to work at Retrica as well as refreshers on new features and updates.


Retrica needed to connect with their users in a new and more intimate way. We created a series of blog posts that shed light on the inner workings of the company and gave old users a reason to re-engage.

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