When Roborus came to us they had developed an ordering kiosk with advanced facial recognition and AI technologies. The shell looked great. It functioned well on a technical level, but the interface they’d developed internally didn’t take full advantage of their technology.


UX/UI Design


We had a tight deadline as we were not only helping them create an interface, we would also feature the interface in their upcoming product video. We had to move fast. The video would be filmed in a coffee shop, so we started by created a coffee menu interface.


We started by benchmarking best practices in the industry so we weren’t starting from zero. Then we thought about the specific customer requirements. In this case, the interface not only needed to take orders, but it also needed make personalized recommendations based on customer history. Because of the rush, we went straight from sketches to visual design, skipping a few steps like exploration and user testing.


In the end, we created a beautiful and functional interface for both of Roborus’s models in a record-setting three days. It was ready to be featured in the video, and for the client to use during sales presentations in the United States.

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