My six weeks as a marketing intern at G3 have come to an end, and what a summer it has been!

As a Classics student at a university in London, I had limited knowledge in both marketing and technology. But with the support of my colleagues, I was able to quickly adapt to the work environment and dive into client projects.

It’s been intense, eye-opening and life-changing to say the least. I can confidently say that I have accomplished a lot personally and as an employee through my work.

I’ve learnt many valuable lessons while working at G3, but here are some of the best ones that I would like to share.

1. Teamwork is key

I found that one of the best parts of working for G3 was the people. Whenever you need help or have questions, someone will be there to support you – whether it be the CEO, a project manager or another intern.

Furthermore, if you are struggling with workloads, you’re encouraged to share it with others and vice versa. This system allows for maximum efficiency and fair distribution of work.

Communicating with my colleagues, whether it be about work or something else, has been a very enjoyable part of work. For example, whenever we found amusing content whilst managing social media accounts for clients, we would share it! These healthy work relationships massively contributed to my positive experience at G3.

In conclusion, I’ve quickly learnt that a great part of G3’s success can be attributed to the fact that it thrives on teamwork.

Interns (Julia, me, Jane) enjoying office day in Hongdae

2. Keeping an open attitude will make work more fun

Most of G3’s clients are tech start-ups, and I had zero experience working in technology nor start-ups prior to this internship. However, my willingness to learn and the ability to adapt quickly turned out to be much more important.

For example, I had no idea what blockchain was, nor was I an avid user of social media. But within just two weeks, I was running social media accounts with thousands of followers, promoting one of the biggest blockchain projects in the world! Soon after that, the Twitter account we were running for a client topped the list of influencers within the community for a specific cryptocurrency.

For a fast-paced work environment such as G3, it was crucial to keep an open attitude and proactively work on any tasks that are thrown at you. Most of us end up working on multiple projects simultaneously with different tasks for each one – which is not easy but it definitely keeps you on your toes!

Furthermore, no two days were the same at G3, which made every day exciting. One day I would spend hours on a research project, but the next day I would attend two meetings, translate a report and draft 30 Tweets! As a result, I’ve gained a wide range of experiences and knowledge that will undoubtedly be useful in my career path.

Free M&Ms, cereal, coffee and (non-alcoholic) beer at work…

3. The importance of diversity

The people you work with at G3, including clients, come from all walks of life. For example, the internal team at G3 come from the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong and consists of journalists, copywriters, students and even a DJ!

I’ve grown familiar with different cultures not only at G3 but also through clients, including corporate culture in Korean companies. Even though I come from a diverse background myself – having been raised in Seoul, grown up in Oxford and now studying in London – the first-hand global experience I gained whilst working at G3 has been invaluable.

The work at G3 really is international. And what’s more, I’m proud to say that I’ve made friends all over the world from this internship.

Advice to future interns

Interning at G3 is hard work, and you will end up pushing yourself a lot. However, it is incredibly rewarding because you can see hard work paying off.

It’s important to remember that you’re a valuable member of the team just like any other. You are given great responsibilities and it’s ultimately up to you where to go from there. Your colleagues are depending on your work and you will depend on theirs. Therefore, you have to keep yourself motivated, which is not difficult when working at G3!

The main takeaway is that your ideas and thoughts are heard and it could determine the direction of projects. These contributions could massively impact your growth as well as that of G3 and its clients.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us today at hello@g3partners.asia.

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